Our financial health check is a fast, free and easy way to discover how you're tracking on our six pillars of financial health.

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Getting started

The financial planning process can be daunting, but the first step is to make your financial future a priority. Find a professional adviser you like and trust and commit to getting started.

Why the urgency?

  • Small changes to your super or investments now could mean $100,000s more later
  • You'll feel great peace knowing your family's needs will be met if the unexpected happens
  • A financial plan contributes to happiness by putting you in control of your lifestyle and bringing a sense of purpose to your hard work to earn a good income

What happens at your inital consultation with an FMD adviser?

You may have been referred to us by a friend or family member or perhaps you've taken our Free Financial Health Check online and booked a meeting with one of our advisers for the first time. Either way, your inital consultation is free of charge.

It is an opportuntiy for you to put your questions to a qualified adviser, and for us to better understand your needs. We'll talk to you about The Six Pillars of Advice - your financial goals, income & budgeting, assets and debt, supperannuation, insurance and your financial legacy.

If you've completed our online questionnaire, we'll provide you with a detailed report including your personal balance sheet and superannuation projection. We'll discuss the implications for your unique circumstances and point out any challenges or opportunties.

If you choose to seek more comprehensive personal advice following the inital consultation, your adviser will outline their recommendations in a detailed and transparent manner.

What to expect when you engage an FMD adviser

  1. A letter of engagement clearly outlining the scope of advice and the associated costs.
  2. A phone call to confirm this meets your needs. 
  3. A meeting to present your written Statement of Advice and discuss advice steps.  
  4. A follow-up meeting to review and implement the agreed advice. 
  5. Regular meetings to review your circumstances and your strategies. This will include a range of reports on your investments.

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