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Portfolio management service

We believe regular review meetings are critical to help you grow and secure your wealth through sound, long-term investment strategies - but we’re not content to stop there. We know investors want greater transparency in their portfolio and the opportunity to immediately benefit from the decisions made by our Investment Committee (IC). That's why we created Active Management Service (AMS), our industry leading investment portfolio service made available to FMD clients since 2004.

Why use Active Management Service (AMS)?

AMS offers significant benefits, including:

  • A complete tailored investment solution with a long track record
  • Overseen by FMD financial advisers who understand your needs
  • Supported by high calibre investment research
  • A wide range of managed and direct investments managed on a pro-active basis
  • Supports the achievement of financial goals
  • Gives you peace of mind that your investments are actively managed
  • Online access to your investment portfolio and reporting
  • Receive regular communication about the AMS investment strategy

FMD AMS Fact Sheet


Backed by investment research

FMD Financial retains the services of external investment specialists Zenith Investment Partners, Lonsec Research, Peak Investment Partners and Caravel Consulting Services. They provide professional and research to support the FMD Investment Committee (IC). The FMD IC meets regularly through the year to review FMD AMS portfolios in the light of global economic and financial market conditions. This allows the FMD IC to take advantage of opportunities and respond to threats as they arise, ensuring your funds are always invested in FMD's preferred portfolio.

Keeping you informed about your investments

FMD Active Management Service (AMS) is supported by comprehensive and easy-to-understand communications that include:

  • Timely updates outlining any changes made to your portfolio
  • Quarterly market updates
  • 'Inside AMS' our regular update on the progress of AMS portfolios including a future outlook 

Good to know

 FMD Investment Committee

Our Investment Committee (IC) comprises senior FMD advisers, as well as economists and consultants. The IC meets regularly to conduct extensive reviews of client investment portfolios.

How do I know if AMS is right for me?

The best way to determine if AMS is right for you is to meet with an FMD adviser and discuss the advantages the service could bring to your portfolio. If you’d like to know more please contact us.

  • Information on the investment process 
  • Information on the portfolio review process
  • Further details on the advantages of using AMS

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